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FAQ's - General

Welcome to the Kluge guide to frequently asked questions about our company, products and the industry.

Contact us with any questions you may have on Kluge's products!

Q: How may Kluge presses are out there?
A: Since Kluge was formed in 1919, we have manufactured, sold and installed over 30,000 presses. Our strong user community is testimony to the quality and reliability of our equipment.

Q: Are any parts for the EHD or EHF interchangeable with the EHG?
A: Many  wear parts available for our 14x22 presses will work on our EHG Series Press. Standard parts such as the platen and side arms, are mostly incompatible with the EHG due to dimension differences.

Q: What can the OmniFold do that the UniFold cannot?
A: The OmniFold is the only folder/gluer on the market that offers left and right registration throughout the entire length of the machine. Furthermore, the OmniFold is almost 7ft longer than the UniFold. This provides a greater converting area for more complex applications such as auto-lock bottom boxes. Click here to visit the OmniFold page.

Q: What is the maximum converting speed of the Small Box Machine?
A: Our specialty application folder/gluer can convert at speeds of up to 40,000 pph. Click here to visit the Small Box Machine web page.

Q: Is my old EHD Press upgradeable?
A: Yes, many of our optional features can be added to your EHD Press. Click here to visit our EHD features list.

Q: Do you have a standard maintenance contract program?
A: No, unfortunately we do not presently have a standard maintenance program.

Q: What does the term 'Picking' mean?
A: When foil stamping, the term 'Picking' is used when the foil is not adhering completely to the stock and leaves little 'Pick' marks.

Q: What does the term 'Combination Stamping' mean?
A: Combination stamping, or foil embossing unites foil stamping and embossing into one press pass, through the use of a combination die. This is usually a brass-sculptured embossing die with a foil breakage edge to end the image area.

Q: Will you help me sell my old machinery if I buy a new one?
A: Yes, we can assist you in selling your old equipment contact us for more details.

Q: How much does a standard EHD Press weigh?
A: When crated, a regular EHD Press weighs approximately 4750 lbs.

Q: What's new to Kluge stampers these days?
A: New improvements to Kluge Stampers are: Stronger side arms; Adjustable Impression for more adjustable strength, less foil waste, increased productivity and less setup and make-ready times.

Q: When I purchase my Kluge equipment, where does my tech support come from?
A: Our equipment is American made and always has been. Parts and support come from the Minneapolis, MN area. Service and Parts contacts are Kevin Robbins, Service Manager and Bill Lobert, Parts Coordinator. Parts will be shipped same day for next day installation. Customers say: "Kluge has always been very responsive". Visit our Service & Parts area for more information.

Q: I heard Kluge's New style Vertical Buckle Fold Plate will eliminate crows feet on thicker stocks. Where have they been installed?
A: We have very satisfied Vertical Buckle Fold Plate customers in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago and Iowa to name a few in the Midwest region.

Q: How much training do I get with my brand new press?
A: A total of 24 hours installation and training is included.

Q: Is the Kluge UniFold, Automatic Folder/Gluer very versatile?
A: Yes, for its niche size in the market. With Kluge's quality construction and modular design, the UniFold can produce a wide range of products - all kinds of folders, CD inserting and sleeves, jackets, video boxes and more. Our many new designs give Kluge a leg up on our competition. Visit our UniFold page for more information on this product.

Q: What's the difference between an EHD and an EHF Press?
A: In general, the Kluge EHF Press has many more features as standard than the EHD Press. Visit our 'EHD/EHF differences page' for more information.

Q: What's the minimum increment that the Foil Control System can be adjusted on a Kluge press?
A: The Kluge EHD Electronic Foil Control System is highly accurate in foil stamping and is adjustable in increments of as low as 1/1000". The (standard) Mechanical Foil Control System is adjustable in increments of 1/16".

Q: I need to use my Kluge press for diecutting magnetic sheets. How do I prevent my magnet material from sticking to the platen?
A: To die cut flex-magnet material. A non-magnetic stainless steel diecut plate is required to replace the carbon steel diecut plate supplied as standard on the platen of the press. This will prevent the magnet from sticking to the platen. Usually feeding problems are overcome with the black 1 inch rubber suckers and agressive edge combing to separate the sheets.

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